Understanding the Signs of Methamphetamine Use

Around 6% of the American population has tried methamphetamine at least once. Many of those people become addicted to the powerful drug. Methamphetamine abuse is on the rise across Maryland and the U.S. It causes problems for the addict, the addict’s family, and the rest of the world.

Signs of Methamphetamine Use

Is someone that you love using meth? Many signs suggest that this drug is being abused. Signs include:

·    Staying awake for days at a time

·    Not eating for days at a time

·    Hallucinations

·    Aggressiveness

·    Anxiety & irritability

·    Increased energy and alertness

·    Twitching

·    Social/talkative

·    Dilated pupils

·    Headache

·    Dry mouth

·    Body temperature changes

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·    Blurred Vision

·    Fatigue

·    Depression

This is not a complete list of the signs and symptoms of methamphetamine use/abuse/addiction but is a look at the most common. If you suspect that a loved one is battling an addiction to meth, be there to support them at this difficult time.

An addiction occurs as soon as one use.  As the addiction progresses, the worse the behavior of the person. They need more of the drug to obtain the same high and may resort to criminal behavior to get the cash. Meth addiction hurts everyone.

Steps to Take to Beat a Meth Addiction

The best way to end an addiction to meth is through in patient substance abuse in maryland. Methamphetamine is so powerful that defeating it alone is not easy. Detox is offered to patients at rehab facilities and that’s a great start to a successful future. If you or someone that you love is battling a meth addiction, help is out there in the form of rehab but it is up to them to make the first step and decide that enough is enough. Be there to encourage them to take the right steps toward a successful recovery!